The Encounter In The Valley

With grim determination, Edward advanced his forces back up the valley to the sight of the ambush and the horrifying defeat he suffered. But Edward had changed and he had a plan. Never again would the Yordan forces get the better of him. Rules – Starport Scum by Nordic Weasel Games – available here. All […]

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An Un-expected Encounter

It’s been a while but the story now continues… After Edwards humiliating defeat at the hands of a Yordan ambush, Edward made the decision to withdraw back to outpost Ajax to lick his wounds and think again. Many of Edwards Retained Knights had been killed or wounded in the encounter, friends and great warriors whom […]

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Here come the The suitably sci-fi opera medical teams. Yesterday I painted up eleven medics which includes a grav stretcher team. These figures are from Alternative Armies HOF 15mm Science Fiction range and can be found here. They are brilliant figures and will be used as both civilian and combat medical teams. Sone of them […]

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News Bulletin

Prydian Broadcasting Corporation News Bulletin Breaking News -Hertford Prime Hertfordshire Near New Albans Today on the Hertfordshire continent on the planet of Hertford Prime near the large and ever burgeoning market town of New Albans a daring raid by the rebel scum know as the Yordan breakaway faction have hi-jacked and stolen a vehicle of […]

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