Dave’s Recruitment Drive

So Dave goes to the local one horse town and buys a round of drinks for everyone and manages to recruit two new low down goons looking for work. Dave’s natural charm also seems to attract a person of more and they get chatting in the bar. Turns out he’s a private security contractor fresh […]

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What’s left of Dave’s Gang

So, Dave has 4 remaining gang members from 9 – including recruiting a new Bruiser. Dave – Combo Pistol, STEALTH, CHARISMA, LIGHTNING REFLEXES (new trait gained after fighting pirate king). Sheila – Splinter Pistol – promoted to Bruiser. Hired gun. Joined the army. Saved up in army then got out and bought own ship until […]

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The Encounter In The Valley

With grim determination, Edward advanced his forces back up the valley to the sight of the ambush and the horrifying defeat he suffered. But Edward had changed and he had a plan. Never again would the Yordan forces get the better of him. Rules – Starport Scum by Nordic Weasel Games – available here. All […]

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An Un-expected Encounter

It’s been a while but the story now continues… After Edwards humiliating defeat at the hands of a Yordan ambush, Edward made the decision to withdraw back to outpost Ajax to lick his wounds and think again. Many of Edwards Retained Knights had been killed or wounded in the encounter, friends and great warriors whom […]

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