Outlining the characteristics of this campaign

This post is just to outline the general ambience, feeling, atmosphere, influences, and inspirations for the coming campaign.

This campaign will be run as a solo campaign with an emphasis on the narrative as well as wargaming.

The campaign is not going to be a hard sci-fi campaign in anyway shape or form. The emphasis will be on cheesey, humorous, tongue-in-cheek, satirical, and silliness all combined.

Influences will come from all over, from historical conflicts, to Science Fiction books (any manufacturers make Hippae like creatures in 15mm or 20mm? Grass by Sheri S. Tepper). Influences will also come from sci-fi films, as well as TV series and even other manufacturers of sci-fi miniatures and their literature.

The campaign for the foreseeable will be based in one little river valley on the 4×2 board I am currently creating. I’m going to see how much fun and campaigning you can create in one small purpose built terrain board – let’s see how good my imagination is!

The campaign will always be loosely based in the Ion Age universe and utilise the overall narrative of the Ion Age and the Prydian civil wars. However, enemies and figures will come from everywhere to test the Prydian forces stationed up the valley.

The campaign will focus primarily on Edward De Humphrey and his unit of Retained Knights. He will always be the commander in charge in the area and all friendly forces and teams will be under his command whilst in the area.

So there you are. That’s the outline of the campaign and it’s overall feel and atmosphere dealt with. It also helps me to get my ideas down and straighten them out as I type in my head.


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