Patrol Angis Game Pack

This is just a quick post to help promote The Ion Age range of figures and models. In the photos below are displayed everything you get in the game pack which you can buy here for £40.

You get a lot of bang for your hard earned squids here. You get a really good, full of interesting background fluff and sketches A4 rule book – everything you need to game with the models contained in the game pack. The rules are detailed but fast playing and easy to pick up which is an ideal combination. You feel immersed but not bogged down at all, nor are you overwhelmed in any way.

Then there are the many varied miniatures you get. The pack contains everything you need to play a fun and interesting game with different figure, model, and weapon types included to give you a really well rounded feel for the forces in the Prydian civil wars. So you get lots of interesting, nicely sculpted and cast models with almost no flash (maybe two figures had the tiniest bit of flash on them and that’s it). You also get 3 Duxis battlesuits. Which are basically really cool looking mecha that are about one and half times as tall as a Retained Knight. As well S this you get an Espaten weapons platform on an anti-grav mount with 2 crew. Again a lovely model with well sculpted crew in convincing weapons crew poses.

Here are the photos:


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