Reinforcements Arrive

Prydian Intelligence Services Despatch (P.I.S.D.)

Outpost Ajax has recently received re-enforcements to its expeditionary force pool. The re-enforcements consist of a detached unit of female retained knights with Angis rifles as well as heavy weapons support. In addition to this, an Espaten weapons platform has also been in-loaded with its specially trained Retained Knight crew of 2. These re-enforcements are a welcome addition to the Prydian force pool.

The commander of the Prydian expeditionary force on Hertford Prime, Edward De Humphrey was quoted as saying “these additional forces are a welcome compliment to our burgeoning forces that will allow us to restore proper Prydian law and order and Prydian protection over all settlements and citizens. We must end enemy operations here and the ensuing anarchy the war has brought here, as soon as possible. Our victories will be swift”

Hertford Prime is fast becoming a focal point of a wider campaign by all involved forces as well as interested factions. Several corporations have established their own small research and survey stations which are also expanding rapidly as the full potential of Hertford Prime is now being realised on both the northern and eastern continents. The northern continent is rioe for the establishment of super-mega farms, and the eastern continent is extremely mineral rich . Additionally, criminal factions are already established here with drug crops being established in more remote areas like the Great Fen area on the northern continent. Outlaws, bandits and space pirates as well as small mercenary groups have also established hidden and secret bases on the northern and eastern continents as well and are increasingly encroaching on farmsteads and towns and coming into conflict with whatever local authorities and militias and even civilians can muster in the way of resistance. Two corporations have also submitted plans and the planning applications for establishing two more star ports on the northern continent with just one currently in existence.

The direct and open enemies of Prydia, Yordan, and Canlaster have also landed expeditionary forces of their own and are fast establishing bases, supply dumps and forward operating bases. Prydia and Yordan forces are now very close to establishing contact and open combat is believed to be very close to breaking out between these two forces in the next week as their patrols come ever closer to each other and their pickets observation posts.

There are also some strange rumours flying round the outpost that seem to be causing an uneasiness. There are un-confirmed reports of an incursion by a strange and un-known force flying around. Whispers around fires in the evening speak of a great evil spreading from the south. But these are just rumours, silly soldiers fables to scare the wet-behind-the-ears recruits just landed.

The re-enforcements.


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