More Prydian re-enforcements arrive on Hertford Prime

Prydian Intelligence Services Dispatch (P.I.S.D)

Recently, 3 brand new Duxis battle suits were landed, loaded with a bewildering array of heavy weapons and a close combat/engineering fist. These versatile heavy battlesuits will mean that the Prydian Expeditionary Force (P.E.F.) now packs a serious punch both at long range and short range and able to take on all but the heaviest of enemies. These suits are the pride of the P.E.F. on Hertford Prime and will no doubt boost the ever-high morale of the P.E.F. with victory all but assured now.

The Yordan Expeditionary Force will no doubt be aware and, therefore, cautious now that three mighty Duxis suits have joined the P.E.F.

To victory, peace, and the true crown.


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